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How Fit Are You In Olympic Year?

05 January 2012

It’s now 2012 and the Olympics are almost here. Perhaps this is a good time to review your own fitness. How physically active are you at work? Do you play any sport? Has your weight increased in the last two years? Are you as energetic as you used to be? Do you want to be fitter?

Many people have the misconception that fitness is only for young people. We keep getting told that we are all going to live longer but no-one ever mentions anything about your quality of life. If we can no longer do most of the things we enjoy then life will be pretty miserable. Most of us now live a very sedentary life, driving everywhere and sat behind a computer for most of our time at work. It can be long hours and very stressful but it sure isn’t physical like many jobs used to be only a few decades ago.

It is therefore necessary for us to become more active, lose a few pounds, improve our posture and core strength but where do we start. If you are overweight going for a run is probably the worst thing to do as it is very high impact and it may put too big a demand on your heart and other organs as well as potentially damage your joints in the process. Once we are fitter it would be an enjoyable thing to do.

Most people feel that they have to go flat out to achieve anything. In actual fact the only weight we want to lose is body fat which is best achieved at a more comfortable pace. The body will source  it’s energy from various places according to the intensity of the exercise which we as your personal trainers are well aware of.

I haven’t got the time to get fit. Most people wrongly assume that they will need to go to the gym or do exercise virtually every day to get any results. Most of our members train twice or possibly three times a week for an hour and achieve amazing results.

Now that we have banished a few pre –conceptions I think that most people could find two hours a week within the 90 hours a week that we are open to train properly with us. We know that getting started is the hardest part so that’s why on your first visit we just sit and chat with you to find out what you want to achieve and explain how we would go about it. There are free healthy eating plans for all new members as we take a more holistic approach to try to help you make a few subtle lifestyle changes to not only achieve your results but keep them.

Let us help you back to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. With our help it is much easier than you think. Give us a call today to book your free guest visit and meet others who have already made their lifestyle change and are feeling the benefits already.

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