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One2One Reviews

27 March 2013

Members join the club to get results, it might be losing weight, toning up, improving your general fitness or maybe putting on some muscle. What do we do on a One2One?

1. Attendance, this is the first thing we look at. To get results you must attend at least twice a week and if you're not, we need to get your diary out and plan when you will train.

2. Goals, what did you want to achieve when you first joined? Have you achieved your goals or are you still working towards them? Its important to set some new goals to keep you focused and motivated.

3. Nutrition, wouldn't it be cool if you could eat more and still lose weight, improve you fitness and increase your strength? Well you can and we show you how!

4. Your Feedback, we want your sessions and time at the club to be enjoyable and fun. Tell us what you think of the club, we want to know what our members think so we can improve the service we offer.

5. Testimonials, member success stories are great to help show potential new members what you have achieved and that it's possible for them to achieve the same as you but it's not the main reason we do them. Can you remember what you were like when you first joined the club? Overweight? Tired? Low confidence? Fed up? And I guarantee you don't want to feel like you did before, you want to keep training and eating properly, and your very own success story is to help keep you motivated! 

6. Your Training, to get results you need to exercise. We will look at your routine and change it so that you keep progressing. Or if you're looking for something a little different, try Group Personal Training sessions, we found members who do Groups get better results a lot quicker because we teach you every time you train.

7. Premier Club, would you like to Win a Weekend Trip to Europe? Pub Vouchers? ITunes Vouchers and more? We will tell you how.

We recommend you book One2One's every 6 - 8  weeks so we can see how you're getting on, so book yours in today... 

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