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Group Training For Guaranteed Results!

25 October 2011

In the summer we launched our one2one plus group training sessions. Now available to all members nearly 60 hours per week. Book any two sessions, it's totally flexible to suit you so anyone can do it.


  • You have to book them so it will keep you attending regularly
  • Meet your personal trainer at reception who will theme your session so that everyone will be different
  • We will set up all of your exercises and help you with lots of motivation and teaching points
  • Working out in groups of 3 or 4 will be much more fun and sociable. You will motivate each other to do more
  • Two 45 minute sessions per week with us will guarantee better and faster results in an atmosphere of tremendous fun and minimise the time you need to spend at the club to get your results

Come and talk to members who are now doing them every week


All for only £2 per session. You couldn't buy a latte for that but you could have us help you get your desired results

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