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Power Plate

Power Plates were first introduced in the Netherlands in 1999. They are now distributed in 24 different countries around the world. Originally designed to train elite athletes they are now used by lots of different people in many different applications. The Power Plate allows users to have an accelerated workout as it recruits 95% of our muscle fibres through a vibrating platform which also acts as a weight bearing force. It increases blood flow and circulation making it excellent for rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage, odema and the fast reduction of cellulite as it tones your body. The whole body can be made to work much harder for fitter individuals or it can be used at lower levels for people with injuries or disabilities. It can also be used for stretching and vibration massage very effectively after your workout.

In December 2008 we purchased two of the latest pro5 air adaptive Power Plates which will automatically adjust to each persons weight to ensure maximum benefit from every exercise. We are the only Power Plate accredited centre with advanced level instructors for over 30 miles.